Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have great kids even when I screw up!

Today we all woke early--the kids were playing outside before 7 a.m., enjoying the dew on the grass and the comparative coolness because it was cloudy and the temps were probably only low 80s.  We did breakfast after K left for work shopped for groceries and had them all unpacked before 8:30.  Went to the post office to mail gifts to my daughter and 2 friends of K's and went to the library.  Came home and did the wash and started on the bathroom.

In there I also wrapped birthday gifts for the kids friend A. whose party at an indoor playground was today. Don't I sound like a paragon of efficiency?  Except that I wrote the time of the party wrong on my calendar.  It was 10:30 to 12:45 p.m.  I wrote it as starting at 1:30 p.m.  Missing the all important zero after the one and not discovering this till my second load of wash was in the washer, making it about 11:15 all ready.  And the venue was 20 minutes away.  I threw the gift and the kids in the car explaining in frantic harried tones what I had done wrong and how sorry I was.

I expected tears and wails. They have been looking forward to this for weeks. They both said that they understood and that they knew I had not done it on purpose.  We also had to buy sox on the way as you need those on your feet and my kids don't wear sox much in the summer. And when I threw them in the car in my panic I did not think to check for sox on their tootsies.

We got to the party in time to have pizza, sing happy birthday and have cake.  The jumping part of the indoor bounce place was all over with and they were all deflated.  I expected that the scene might start then, when the reality of what they could not do hit them.

But they were wonderful. They played with their friend A.  They invented games in the open space available to them, and played happily till 12:45 when we all left.  They are now outside cooling off on the slip and slide.  I am a really really lucky mom.

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