Monday, July 2, 2012

Fiona's changes

We recently got the go ahead from the powers that be to change what the standards would be for Fiona to earn an overnight visit.  Previously we were told that 6 months of safe behavior was needed for this to happen.  Truthfully I thought it was weird.  None of my neuro typical kids have 6 months of achieving something fully. Sure they might and probably do strive toward it, but there are those inevitable bad days that would disqualify them.  For Fiona, the longest she has ever been "safe" (this is defined as not trying to harm herself, trying to run away or trying to harm others or incite others) is 3 weeks.  So why pick 6 months?  I have no idea.  But again, as I don't have legal clout, I walk gently here.

Fi asked that this be re-visited and I immediately agreed which threw it into the laps of the clinicians and the new DCF worker. We have now all agreed that after only a month of "safe" behavior, we can do an overnight.  I am thrilled.

I am less thrilled about our chances of getting her case changed to our neck of the woods.  We have been given the opportunity to write a letter requesting this--and I am writing a very passionate, carefully crafted document--but have been told it is unlikely that it will happen.  Our city would have to agree to paying for Fiona's care and it is unlikely that they would do so.

Still, I can be a pretty persuasive writer can't I?  I'm sure going to give it my best shot!

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