Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our big Day

Yesterday was a very big day at our house.  Lissa lost her first tooth!  At 5 1/2 she has waited a long time to catch up to her big brother by losing a tooth.  To add insult to injury, KC started all that really early as his teeth are soft and not in good condition.  A 5 year old does not care about that, but parents do. LOL  She proudly showed me the hole where her tooth used to be when they picked me up for my eye dr appointment.

My regular eye doctor had wanted me to see a specialist and yesterday was the day.  I still have to go back for one more tests but it appears that I am only "glaucoma suspect" and most likely the reason for that is due to anatomy, a tilted lens which makes some things in my eye look like I have glaucoma. But the other more reliable indicators, ocular pressure and optic nerve health are all negative.  I wasn't really worried about it because with Rob's glaucoma this is a disease I know a lot about and even if I had it, I know that there are many effective ways to manage it.

When the doctor finished speaking with me he asked what kind of work I did.  I thought this was because my eyes were dilated and he wanted to make sure I wasn't running out to run machinery or something.  I told him my job and he said he had only asked as he thought i was in the medical field because I was so knowledgable.  Nope, just a mom, but I also believe that we can not leave the health of our minds and bodies to doctors without being as informed as we possibly can be.

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