Thursday, July 12, 2012

KC Moves out!

Of my bedroom that is!  He has been sleeping in his own bed at the bottom of my bed for months but not been ready to make the leap to sleeping in Rob's room.  I didn't push, finding that if I mentioned it too often, we had incidents of sleep walking and night terrors that to me, just were not worth it.  I figured he would go when he was ready and today, he apparently decided he was ready.

He and Rob readied his side of the room,Kirsty helped him hang is Mario poster.  In went the bed, the new night light and a small bookcase for treasures and all his books.  He is very very proud of the space and other KC specific items will decorate it in the future.  I just didn't buy them in advance since I wasn't sure when this great event was going to happen.  LOL

Meanwhile I am LOVING how spacious and airy my room feels.  And Rob says he is okay with things as long as KC does not wake him or try to get in bed with him.  Neither are likely, and even Rob admits that! LOL  Speaking of Rob, he is off on a date tonight.  He and his gf have had a hard time getting together recently.  T's grandmother has been ill and T has been in charge of being with gmom in the day while her parents are at work, as well as keeping an eye on her 13 y/o brother.  But tonight she is free and they are dining out and he was dressed to the 9's when he left the house.

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