Saturday, July 21, 2012

High Summer but I'm thinking Home Schoolin'!

We're eating fresh local corn and our tomatos are starting to ripen in our garden.  The days are long and lots of them are hot. I am loving every minute of it.  But there are signs.  Signs that the wheel is turning and that inevitably, fall will be arriving.

First, there is Fantasy Football trash talk in our house!  Rob and I compete against each other in the NFL Fantasy football. We never wind up in the same league so it isn't exactly apples to apples anyway, but it makes fall a lot of fun.  My "draft" is tonight at 8:30  His is on Monday night.  We have been researching our players, sharing notes, talking about who is on our "excluded" lists etc

And then there is homeschooling preparations.  I decided that I was unhappy with the English Lit curriculums I could find and I have decided to do what I did for Chet--build my own curriculum.  Last night I chose the books that I will work our year around.  I have classics--The Scarlet Letter and Grapes of Wrath  Both of these will be if not interesting reads for Rob per se, interesting in looking at societal issues that are key to these works.   I have several plays, Glass Menagerie and A Raisin in the Sun.. I have fantasy and sci fi :  Dragonsong  and Farenheit 451.  I have books written by African Americans, Black Boy  and I Know why the Caged Bird Sings.     I have books from a list specifically geared toward high school males, Feed  which I have not read and Sunrise over Fallujah  which I have also not read.  There are others too, but it was so much fun cherry picking books.  A book is a treasure to read and an even bigger treasure to share.  I am looking forward to lots of sharing this year.

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