Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Thoughts.

It's an Olympic summer this year and I am so excited!  I love the Olympics.  I have watched them ever since I was really really little. I remember my grandparents explaining the Olympics to me so I was probably6 or 7 when I first started watching.  I don't care if they are the winter ones or the summer ones. I love both seasons.  There is something about the pageantry, watching the nations parading in gets me every time.  I almost don't care what sport is on--though water polo will never be a fave of mine to watch. LOL  Nor is basketball in the winter ones.  But almost anything else will suck me in.

I love learning about the different countries, the struggles that athletes have gone through to have the experience of representing their nation in this competion.  When I was much younger it felt like a peaceful pause.  Even as a kid I was aware of the violence and war torn areas of our world and it felt like a respite from that.  An illusion that was shattered in the 1972 Olympics.  I remember those Olympics too.  And I find it beyond sad that there was not a moment of silence and remembrance for those athletes at this Olympics.  It seemed appropriate and I don't understand the decision to not do that.  So sad.

On a lighter note, Lissa said she is going to be in the Olympics.  She will compete in. . . skipping!

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