Monday, July 23, 2012

Rob's plans

Rob spent yesterday and 1/2 of today camping with his god father.  It was a function of our church men's group and they all had a really good time.  Rob also shared with me the plans he has been working on for his trip to the big City.  He really has put a lot of thought into this and I feel confident that the group of them should be safe and should have fun.

However part of the plan involves 3 of his teen male friends spending the night at our house so that they will be able to take the 9:30 a.m. train to the Big City.  Rob's girlfriend will not spend the night here but lives closer than some of the boys and will be able to get transportation to the train station.  He has shared where they want to spend their day and I am very much behind this.

I am also frankly pretty happy that he wants to have a bunch of his friends spend the night.  Till his best friend stayed over this June, Rob has never wanted to have someone spend the night here.  He has gone to other people's houses, and he has brought friends camping, but he has not wanted to have anyone spend the night. This speaks to a security and comfort level that as a parent, makes me smile.  Despite the noise the extra snacks I will need to haul in, despite the mess that will inevitabley result, I am smiling!

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Todd said...

Hope they had a good time.