Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Theater comes to the monkey bars!

Monday night I was doing Lissa'a hair after shower and she suddenly burst into hysterical tears.  I could not understand her through the sobs but it was something about camp and not wanting to go.  I finally got her calm enough to tell me what was up and she said there was a play and she had a part and she did not want to be in it.

I promised that K would check on this before she dropped her off at camp and that we would make sure that she was not in the play. We had signed her up for playground camp, not theater camp and we knew she did not want to be in a play. Right now Lissa has a strong aversion to performing in front of people.  She does make an exception for dance class (I gave her the opt out clause for recital but she said she can and will do the recital) but in general she hates feeling on display.

K talked to the camp counselor and came home and called me at work and said the skit was last week and not to worry.  Lissa came home yesterday with a notice from the camp staff. The entire recreation dept is combining with the theater camp to put on a production of 101 Dalmations which will be performed at City Hall next month. This would allow every child to experience the wonders of theater camp.  And Lissa had a part.  For real?  Do these people have ears?????

I think the theater is wonderful. I think exposing kids to it is great.  Mine are going to see Mary Poppins the musical in September.  But I believe in children doing things when they are ready for them.  It is a big part of why I homeschool.  Lissa does not want this and emotionally, she is not ready for it. Sigh.  I can see that today a phone call is in order!

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Todd said...

It's good that she was comfortable showing her emotions to you so that you could head things off qt the pass. Good mamma!