Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Visit to see the Nutcracker

Today was our trek into the Big City to see the Nutcracker.  We trained in and made a full day of it.  Actually when you travel by train on the weekend it sort of has to be a full day event. But I'll take that over the stress of the drive and the worry that I might trigger a migraine while driving with my kids in the car.

We cleaned up real well for the event! :-)  Lissa is wearing her new dress that is really an early birthday gift from her Aunt and grandfather.  She had a bun in her hair with a pink ballerina snood thing over it and small dangly earrings.  She was totally sure she was the cat's meoux.  KC and Rob wore nice jeans (Rob) and pants (KC) and sweaters for both.  I am really not a person who says a lot about clothing for day to day wear.  I think kids need to express themselves and clothing is a fairly harmless way of that happening. But it is also important to know what type of dress is appropriate for certain occasions and a trip to a very fancy opera house to see a ballet has a certain dress code to it.  Luckily not only did they get that, but they looked on a par with others there and could see that for themselves.

We had lunch after arriving in the Big City and then took a taxi to the Opera House.  It is a beautiful building with amazing architectural details.  It was really easy to pass the time waiting (we were instructed to arrive 45 to 60 minutes early to insure we were seated for the curtains rise.  Late comers are forced to wait till intermission for seating which means they would miss more than 1/2 of the ballet.)  Our seats were extraordinarily good.  We were close enough to really see the dancers feet and costumes well. (dance afficionados want to see the feet!)  Also being pretty close draws children into a performance.

KC was leaning forward in his seat.  He is the one with the deepest love of dance and when he also heard that his Nana studied with the founder of this ballet company, he was over the moon with excitement.  Lissa was captivated as well, though more by the story of the Nutcracker and the spectacle of it-the glitter and scene changes could enthrall anyone, even a non dancer.  .   .  except maybe my Rob who wrote on his FB a  post about grown men in tights.  LOL  I told him it was still a good experience and not one he has to repeat but good nonetheless.  And he was every bit the gentleman while we were there; sullen really isn't in his nature.

We were home well after 7 which is late for my two youngest as then it was showers and bed--thankfully we had eaten supper at the station while we waited for a 5:30 train to take us home.  My wife is baffled as to why anyone would hang around a train station for an hour or so instead of driving but truly, the time passes quickly and we have fun while we are there.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the last day of this Thanksgiving break.  I have so enjoyed every second of this time away from work and fully with my family.  We have some of our Saturday chores to do tomorrow and then want to make our annual holiday gingerbread house and attend the tree lighting in the center of our city.  It will be a nice wrap up to a really great few days!

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Katie Billotte said...

Is it just me or has Rob become incredibly stylish over the past year or so?