Sunday, November 4, 2012

Politics and kids

We were driving yesterday and KC asked if I was voting for Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren.  I told him that i was leaning toward Elizabeth Warren.  He said if he was voting he would vote for Scott Brown.
****Disclaimer**** I don't think Brown has done a bad job in the Senate. Most particularly I have admired the fact that despite looking like a tea party poster boy in the last election, he has been remarkably moderate and centrist.   However there are a couple of key issues that make me lean toward Warren.

Anyway, back to my conversation with my 8 year old.  When I asked why he would vote for Scott Brown if he was voting he enumerated his answers.

1.  He looks friendly and like he could be a neighbor.
2.  He was calm.
3.  He was strong looking.

I found it interesting as sometimes I think we have become so polarized in this election that it is literally statements like these that people are using for the decision making process.  This election has been rife with demonization of candidates by their opponents at almost every level. I find this very sad as it takes our minds off the real issues.  Whoever is elected, I hope that they will work with fellow senators.  The needs of our nation require that we learn to (or perhaps re-learn) the art of cooperation and leaving behind partisan politics.  Or, in the words of my young son, we need calmness.  And we need to remember that our nation as a whole are "neighbors,' and learn to think for the greater good.

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