Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fiona Calls

Fiona called last night.  Actually Jane called to say that Fiona had walked out of the room and was not likely to call because she had been highly agitated for the past several hours.   At which point Fi surprised all of us and walked back in and asked to talk only to me.

I am not sure what was bothering her--sometimes it is hard to tell.  She has another off campus visit on Monday night with her cousin and cousin's young daughter.  Cousin wants Fi to be able to come to her house for a few hours on Christmas so they are working diligently to make sure that this happens.  I think Fiona is excited about this but she also may be equal parts anxious.

It wasn't the greatest call but at least we were able to connect and on a hugely positive note, there were no outbursts or behavior issues when she came back to school after our visit.  That is the second time in a row for that now and that I think is a huge success.

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