Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Dreams

I love listening to my kids chatter.  Last night while I was doing up the dishes I heard KC say to Lissa, "Sissy do you know what Friday is?"  She either shook her head or he rushed on in his excitement.  "Friday is the last day in the month of November and that means on Saturday we get to open the first box in our Advent calendars."  The excitement and potentiality that surrounds the holidays has always been special to me and my kids.  The decorations, the giving of gifts, the music, and the seasonal special things that punctuate what would otherwise be a dark and dreary time.

Like all kids, they have special things they want under the tree.  They are not over the top witht heir wishes and neither are the older boys.  In fact Chet wants some cards for a game that he and Rob play and some post-it notes. (He loves to make notes about things)  He is getting more than those things but it was cute how he shared his wants with me.

Likewise  Fiona shared her dream with me when we had our last phone call.  She wants something called Nike high heels.  Since I am such a shoe lover I can not believe I had never heard of these but there you go. Probably I didn't because of the sky high price tag!  Anyway, she wants a pair that are a sort of deep reddish pink with red accents. Sounds ugly but isn't, as I have seen the picture and am not able to figure out how to import it from google images to here. Additionally Fiona is a size 9 which is a harder size to find in womens shoes.

Evenings have found me trolling the internet trying to get a lead on a reasonably priced pair of these shoes for her.  I have tried all my usual stores, ebay, you name it.  There was a store name on the image she sent me and when I researched that it was a man in China looking for a business parner.   I think I will skip that income opportunity!  LOL

But all humor aside, I am seriously stressed over this.  The reason goes back to the year that Fiona first came into our lives. She was 9.  We met about a week before Christmas at her foster home.  All the meetings were set up by her social worker.  We played together and she told me that she wanted only one thing for Christmas--an EZ Bake oven.  We were not allowed to get her a gift as we literally met days before the holiday but we were encouraged to visit her right after Christmas.  We went to her foster home the day after and found that another child in the household had gotten that gift.  Fiona had gotten a coloring book.

I can't imagine doing that to a kid.  And though it was years ago, it remains in my mind.  Dreams should not be lightly disregarded.  So if anyone can think of someplace else to try, shout out.  Otherwise, I am back to google and maybe even my little friend in China! :-)

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Dia por Dia said...

My son has a venus flytrap and toothpaste on his list! :-) Good luck on the hunt for those shoes! It is a big deal and I totally get why it is so important. We met our boys in December and although we knew they'd be coming home to us in a few months we weren't allowed to give our son in RTC a Christmas gift.