Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feeling Thankful

It is quiet here today, at least as quiet as my house ever gets.  :-)  Others might think it bedlam but tomorrow--tomorrow will be bedlam and though I am dealing with a migraine I am lookng forward to it.
The kids and I have made cranberry sauce, and a birthday cake for my BIL's girl friend.  Someday he needs to just marry her all ready! Three pies are baked and waiting in cold storage. We had to go out an buy a one cup liquid measure as my wife took our measuring cup with her to work.  I have two others but they are large quantity measuring cups and didn't do the dinky 3/4 cup of liquid that I needed for these  recipes.  Later I will put dough on for my parker house rolls and that can cold rise in the pantry over night.

The bedroom is cleaned and ready for my mom who will stay Thanksgiving night.  The kids have tidied their toys and cleaned their art areas, and soon I will vacuum the living room and the entry way.  Right now they are all outside burning off some steam.

We have been to the cemetary and cleaned the graves there and placed our winter arrangements on the graves.  I think both my mom will want to go as will K's dad.  It always feels right to me to do this around Thanksgiving.  It is part of the circle of our lives, and though I personally only wish my ashes left somewhere we have enjoyed together (and there are so many I don't care what anyone chooses) I know that those whose graves I tend, wanted to be remembered in this way.

And so, in the season of love and thanksgiving, I share with you a song from one of our favorite artists, most especially beloved by my 8 year old.  May gratitude grace and love be with you all this Thanksgiving!

Love is the reason, by Joe Jencks

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