Sunday, November 25, 2012

On the Catwalk

I wish I knew why this picture is sideways. It is vertical when I look at it in my picture file but this is what Blogger apparently does to it when I select it.  I suppose that in a weird way it is appropriate for the pic to be slightly off.  This is my Chet, modeling an African dashiki that a friend sent to us.  To say he loves it would be the understatement of the century.  He had absolutely the best time having his picture taken for this post.  Usually photos are so hard for him.  The very mention of it makes him grimace in what he thinks is a smile and you watch his body become more progressively rigid and tense.

The symbol of autism awareness is a puzzle piece.  It is a perfect symbol as it is truly a puzzle.  Not just the "what" of autism, or dealing with the behaviors, but sometimes just trying to understand the thought process, or figuring out what a trigger was, so that a situation can be more manageable the next time. It is baffling often, exhausting many times, and I worry for Chet's future frequently.

For some reason, wearing the dashiki was magical.  He was mugging for the camera and posing in ways I have never seen him do.
Here is another!  I love this.  I love how happy he is and that for this  moment in time, his essence and spirit could shine unfettered.


32FlavoursOfHumanity said...

I wonder what it is about the Dashiki taht captures him? I also wonder if he would also like Salwar Kameez which is similar and would have connection to his Indian roots. I know you have mentioned textures and tigtness of clothing bother him. Both could be clothing choices that may be more comfortable for Chet. Awesome pictures he is beaming!

Lee said...

Great minds work alike! I was googling info on the Salwar Kameez last evening when I was doing my holiday shopping on line. Also, I did not mention in the post as I was so caught up in how happy he was with the garment, but we were also gifted with a beautiful Indian silk sari that we are using as a special table covering. Thanks for the idea!