Saturday, November 17, 2012

Anniversary Day

It doesn't seem possible and I don't think I  am ready for it, but today is Rob and T's one year anniversary.  Rob has planned a nice day for the two of them.  I will pick her up after we finish our morning stuff and they will come back to our house. They are making cookies together (pumpkin penuche!) for fellowship at church. They are both in youth group and the youth group is responsible for food this week.  Then T wants to "walk around" our city.  There is not much to see but she lives about 15 minutes from us so Rob is going to show her such sights as exist.  Rob has made a reservation for them at a nice restaurant.  A local family owned business, not a chain of sameness like going to a place like Applebees or TGIFridays.  Nothing wrong with any of those in some circumstances but this place has been owned by the same local family for many years and the service and food can not be beat.  Plus in the evening there are little candles and a nice ambience for an occasion such as this.

Two years ago , maybe even at the start of this year, it is not likely Rob would have planned all this--even with help.  Yes, I did offer suggestions, and i did explain about how to make a reservation and why you did that. But he followed through on everything. I am so glad that T is a really sweet and lovely girl with a good head on her shoulders and lots of plans for her future. She is someone that I feel comfortable with being so important to my Rob.

Happy Anniversary guys!

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