Tuesday, November 20, 2012


No, not Black Friday shopping.  I don't do that typically--though I may do some online things this year as I am way behind in that regard.  Rather, this is for Rob who has been invited to a semi-formal event the first of next month.  His girlfriends best friend is having a quinceneria, which is always a fancy schmancy event.  It is not something one wears colorful skinny jeans too.  LOL

Tongya enlisted my help in handling this as she knows Rob is very stylish in a fresh sort of way.  He always looks cool but this is not a "cool" look place.  He has a suit and was fine with wearing one.  I told him later that he might want to check in with her and see what color her dress will be so he does not choose a dress shirt that will clash with her dress.

Tongya instructed him to get a cream colored shirt and a gold tie.  Oh my stars, you told my boy GOLD?  What a brave young woman to tell a lover of bling to get something gold.  But we worked it out and he finally settled on a cream shirt and a gold toned paisley tie.  Enough of a modern fresh look to make him feel his cool quotient has not been diminished, stylish enough to look like he knows how to dress for an event like this.  Now if I can make sure he leaves the house without the leopard print fedora. . .

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