Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The election is over!

The rhetoric will be (mostly) done.  I love politics and thinking through issues but even I am exhausted by the amount of advertising and blitzing that has occured with this election.  What I am pleased about though is the increasing involvement in a very open manner in politics by movie stars.  For my kids, listening to JayZ do a PSA is cool to them.  Frankly for me, listening to Matt Damon do one is kind of cool too! ::-)  For the kids and I these announcements were a springboard for talking about how important voting is.  It is more than a right, it is a privilege. One that many people die for in countries around the world.  Knowing that people who  they admire or think are "cool" feel that voting is important is helpful.

We  have also always brought our whole family to the polls when we vote.  We want our kids to see the process, to see our commitment to it. We talk in age appropriate terms with each of them about who and what we support and why.  I am also vigilent that we do not speak disparagingly about a candidate or issue even if I feel strongly against them.  I want them to understand that there will always be differences of opinions but we don't have to be hateful about it.  Some of the things I read on social media that so-called adults say to one another when they disagree make my hair curl!

Something else that makes my hair curl. . . in our next presidential election, my son Rob will be old enough to vote and Fiona was old enough to vote in this one.  Where does the time go?


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