Friday, November 2, 2012

Teen Trip

It is Friday night and my Rob is en route to another New England state with our Youth Group. They will get together with other UU teens for a "lock in" event.  He is quite excited about it and his packing skills are improving a bit with all the travelling that he has been doing lately.  For some reason he typically forgets pajamas, a toothbrush and other essential type things.  What he remembers?  Cologne, fancy shirt, Axe deoderant and his jewelry.  It's all about priorities when you are 16!  This time though, he got it all. (drum roll should sound!)

He and his girlfriend are coming up on their one year anniversary and he is trying to decide on the best place to take her out to dinner.  It is very cute watching him sweat over this.  In their relationship, typically his girlfriend is the planner. She is a go-getter and Rob is happy to follow her lead.  (thankfully she is a go getter in a positive way!)  But I mentioned to Rob that I doubted very much that she wanted to have to call him and ask what they were going to do for their anniversary so he should consider taking point on this.  He has been checking out restaurant websites on line and even (gasp) looking at the menu of the one I suggested!

Our work room/library is almost completely repainted.  My wife is a speed demon at painting.  I should not be surprised. Back in the 80's we ran our own painting and cleaning business on the side while still working full time at our housing job.  I loved it but as Chet got older, we wanted to have more family time and we closed up shop. The skills stayed though! Pictures will be posted once the furniture is arranged and the bulletin boards arrive etc!

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Water Rolls Uphill said...

Oooh. Would love to see pics of the painting. I am on the verge of repainting the whole house due to our 2 year old's tracks along the walls.......sigh.