Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Rob has a glaucoma appointment today. They will measure his ocular pressure, check for any signs of vision loss and make sure that his eyes are still responsive to the meds we put in his eyes twice daily.  I am very vigilent about the drops and in fact insist that an adult put them in his eyes. This is because I read in a medical journal that one of the prime reasons for glaucoma not being well managed after diagnosis is that it is hard to administer the drops properly to yourself.

But aside from being careful that the meds go in on time and properly, most of the year, glaucoma fades to the background in my mind.  We have been lucky that thus far there is only a tiny bit of pereperal vision loss and overall he is still 20/20

Yet every time a check up comes due, I fret.  Glaucoma is silent and insidious and the thought of my son losing his vision becomes real  and huge to me again.

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