Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiona Visits Tomorrow!

Fiona is coming tomorrow. She will in an ideal world, be here shortly after we return from dance classes and stay about 4 or 5 hours.  I am so excited.  This will hopefully be our longest visit yet and puts us a step closer to overngihts.

I have the holiday hats purchased so that we can take our family Yule picture while she is here and I hope to take all the kids to my job. The residents and one of my coworkers are putting on a harvest social.  We used to do a lot of programming for kids when we were owned by a different company.  The focus of my present company is different.  I don't really share the vision but the good thing is that despite their refusal to do this type of programming, there is enough interest in filling the need that people have stepped up to do it.  It is low budget but it is something and I think that is fantastic. I also feel as part of management that it is important to show up, even briefly, and show support for the resident efforts.  I am also going to try and take some pictures.  I have never been able to bring Fi to my work and am looking forward to a chance to do that with her.

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