Friday, December 28, 2012

Cleaning as meditation

Wish I could take credit for this shot, but my wife took it.  It is very Ansel Adams to me and i love the play of black and white.  This is the brook area beside our yard. It makes our space look more rural than it is, but that's okay too.  I wish often that we had more acreage and lived more rurally but this place and space is best for raising my diverse family.

I have spent the day cleaning and will return to that soon.  I am not hurrying about it, I am trying to take time to be more present and in the moment as I do these simple tasks.  I know that so often my life is so busy that I am thinking little about what I am doing--my mind all ready racing ahead to the next thing to check off on the mental "to do" list.  I am not a meditative sort, but for this moment in time, I can slow, pause, and breathe.

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