Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Santa. . .

This has to be the year that Santa goes nuts trying to fulfill holiday dreams.  First Fiona wants Nike High Heels.  I actually almost mistyped that into Nike High He*lls which would be more what I am going through trying to make this dream a reality. I have been emailing Mr. Zheng in China and he does not have the style she wants in the size she needs.  Ugh.  I have emailed him asking what styles he DOES have but have not yet heard back. It is all further complicated by the fact that our time zones are opposite each other.

Then we went to the Holiday Stroll this weekend. The kids wrote letters to Santa.  They are always very generous and ask Santa for one gift for themselves and other gifts for various family members or pets.  KC asked for a number of things for others and then asked Santa for his dream gift. . . elf shoes.  My 8 year old seriously wants to be an elf.  Santas little helper (aka me) spent lunch looking for elf shoes on line.  I found them, and now just hope they get here.

I suppose I should be grateful.  One year he asked Santa for a robot that would make him any kind of pie he wanted.  Gotta love creativity!


32FlavoursOfHumanity said...

The Big City near where you live might have the heels. I used to live there and think some could be found in the Downtown area where the trains meet or in other parts of the city. I can ask around and let you know. I am alwys worried about international purchases online due to the difference in the enforcement of laws and getting money backfor "authorized" purchases on Credit Cards. However I am have worries like this about most purchasees over $100.00. I know the awe is in opening a box and being surprised but maybe you could take a trip and have her pick another type out if she see some in person. Just thoughts... Good luck! How

Lee said...

Thank you for the suggestion! I heard back from China this a.m. and have my fingers crossed that this works. The website has the secure symbl and stuff that I am used to seeing for online orders so I hope I am not being naive. If they have the style, I am safe, if not I will email you for some possible Big City locations. That would be a good fallback but I could not do it till AFTER Christmas which is the only part of it that worries me.