Sunday, December 30, 2012

Xtreme Winter Sports--Our way!

More snow.  The boys shovelled our elderly neighbor, then us, and I played outside with them all.  We have a little hill into our back yard and it is nice for sled runs and snowboarding.  I really would LOVE to know how to snowboard but I feel like I would look like a fool out there on the slopes.  It is just not a 50+ momma type of hobby.  My kids are prone to saying to me "Ooma are you EVER going to grow up?"  LOL  Um, probably no.  I still love Candyland, sitting on the floor with blankets for a movie, playing tag in the water at the beach.  I figure at this rate I can keep doing what I love and people are going to either think I am young at heart or senile. But seriously, snowboarding would mean taking lessons from a 12 year old I don't know at a ski area, paying a whole heap of money, so that bit of immaturity isn't going to happen.  Instead, KC and Rob got to try and give me pointers while I repeatedly fell.  We considered it a success when I fell gracefully!  LOL  It was a blast, even with the fact that I had a migraine factored in.  My goal is to make it to the bottom of our hill erect by winters end.

When Lissa got cold, I came inside with her. KC and Rob stayed out to play longer.  KC came in suddenly to change mittens as his were soaked through.  He had a funny look on his face and I asked what was up.  Seems he and Rob were doing some "X Games Training" JE Team style and jumped off our back railing.  In the course of said acrobatics, Rob's cell phone went missing in the snow.  First I tried calling his number to see if that would help locate it.  No dice. Rob usually keeps his phone on vibrate as no teen wants their parent to notice how much they are texting.  :-)

I put my gear back on and went to help with the search, leaving Lissa to have a snack and play with her Leapster while I hunted with them.  I swear we looked like those people who go to an avalanche site trying to find the victims. We dug up 1/2 our yard, sifting snow, banging ice chunks, looking hither and yon.  No phone.

The phone never cost me anything.  A resident gave it to me a bunch of years ago.  When I no longer needed it because I was issued a smart phone by my company, I gave this one to Rob. He has used it for over two years and been very responsible with it.  So I now have a phone on order with BJ's  Nothing fancy but it will allow the texting that is the lifeblood of teen socialization.

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