Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This has been a whirlwind weekend but it has been amazing and lots of fun.  Fiona left mid day on Saturday. She got to watch KC and Lissa's dance classes and enjoyed cuddling with them between sessions and chatting with me the rest of the time.  What I like the best was how normal things felt.  I will treasure that for a long time and hope that she will be able to come for more overnights very soon.

That afternoon our city had the annual Holiday Stroll and despite the weather not being too conducive to strolling, we went down.  It is one of my favorite activities in the city.  It is a weird thing but for the stroll, somehow we don't feel like a big city.  You literally can walk in the streets. The local businesses have festive activities for kids.  There are free samples of yummy foods available, free "reindeer" rides for the kids and more. And unlike the fall festival, it is not overwhelmingly noisy or filled with vendors trying to sell highly priced toys that will fall apart as soon as you get home. We spent nearly two hours there and then scooted home as Rob's guy friends were coming for a sleepover.  They showed up about 5ish and had a fun night together.

One thing I like about Rob's friends is that they are all kind to the little kids.  I have friends whose experience is not like that, so I feel truly blessed to see 3 teen guys showing my 2 littles the tricks of a video game, or talking sports with KC.  Said teens did not sleep and were rather slow to get moving this morning.  LOL  However the smell of home made muffins roused them and by 9:15 I had everyone out the door so we could stop at Dunkins and then head to church.

Rob will be a very tired camper because he volunteers at a children's museum today and then has youth group tonight, but he is young and will survive.  Meanwhile I face Monday with a very happy heart.

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