Saturday, December 29, 2012

Surly Saturday

Well most of the "surly" is the weather as we have another snowstorm brewing. The skies are milky and threatening and there is that bite in the air that lets New Englanders know that weather is coming in.  It did not stop us from our tasks of the day--shopping for Rob's Youth Group party tomorrow, grocery shopping and our weekly library visit. I even got good news at the library.  I had received an email that I had a book 14 days overdue.  I was shocked as we are very careful of this.  I checked the house and the book was not here. I asked the librarian to check and somehow it was re-shelved by their staff without being removed from my card.  Presto! Fine gone, good library name restored. :-)  KC worked outside on a snowfort he is constructing this year and the older boys played a long game of the card game called Magic.  Miss Lissa and I used her shrink art kit that was in her stocking and made a chain of teeny hello kitties as a result!

Tonight we are going up the street to have a movie night with friends.  We have not seen each other since fall. Despite our close physical proximity L is in nursing school with high demands on her free time and I have not wanted to intrude. It will be great for the kids and also it will allow my wife a bit of quiet when she returns home from work.

The above picture is Fiona with her Nike high heels. She is wearing the red and white and holding the gold and white ones.

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