Monday, December 3, 2012

Singing and Dancing and Shopping

Last night my wife decided that we should go out and get decorations for my office.  I am in a new and larger space this year and the company has no decorations for it.  The decorations the site had all went to the two offices out front, one of which was mine this time last year.

It was late to be taking out the little kids, quarter to 6 and Lissa is usually showering by 6:00 p.m. but it went amazingly well. We looked at holiday lights both on the way over to the discount store and on the way back. The store had recently had a huge sale on artificial trees and there was a large open space in the middle between the two aisles.  My two immediately began developing holiday dance routines to the music playing in the store.  I think the store clerks were so charmed by them that they did not mind the great hunt for a blue artificial tree for Lissa.  They could not find one and wound up selling us the small floor model for $12.00

I did get the decorations for my office as well, so this week things will look more festive back there, but the greatest memory that i will take away from the experience is the "elf dance" in the store.  Priceless!

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