Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What are teen boys reading these days?

Clearly I was so excited and overwhelmed last night that I made my weekend sound  less busy than it is!  We also have our city annual Holiday stroll and Rob is having a sleepover on Saturday night with 2 or 3 of his teen guy friends.  Testosterone will rule the downstairs. LOL  Actually the funny part about this sleep over is that one of his friends actually started the ball rolling.  He facebooked me and asked if they could have a sleepover here because his sister was having a bunch of girlfriends over that day and he wanted some place else to be.  I feel kind of honored that a teen who is not mine was comfortable asking me about all this.  The texts back and forth were very funny about it as D is sort of short on the details of things and I have to keep digging to try and get schedules.  (actually am still digging on that part!)

Yesterday was also the day that my lack of techie savvy came back to bite me.  I was at work and checked my home email on lunch.  I saw a notice from Amazon thanking me for my order.  I checked to see what the order was as I did not recall anything. . .  .  and found that "I" had ordered a pictoral book about very VERY well endowed women.   Here is the kicker--this is a KINDLE book.  This was going to my Kindle.  OK, you can stop laughing now.  The time stamp on the Amazon notice was just about 15 minutes prior.

I called my wife and sure enough, the teen in our house was on the computer.  I asked her to tell him he was locked off the computer until he and I had a discussion and explained why.  She also checked my kindle and there were several such books in an archive.  I didn't know about archives on the Kindle.  (that is the part about the tech stuff coming back to bite me.)  All the kids know more about technology than I do.  Heck turning on the the TV for me is a major achievement.  So it isn't quite as in your face as it sounds, for him to download these to my Kindle.  I have been sharing the Kindle with him because I download books for our English class.  We just finished The Scarlet Letter and he had chosen the book about Lincoln that the new movie is based on for his next reading assignment.

When I talked w/ him about it, Rob said it was an accident.  I said no, it was a choice, what it was was bad judgement and there is a world of difference between the two!  The conversation went on from there but for now, his computer time will only be when K or I are in the room.  Which probably means that I have to learn my next techie thing and learn how to create a password to start UP the computer and shut it down each night.  Parenting. . . it is a journey!! :-)

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