Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Hannukah?

Ok for those of you who are not utterly sick of reading about my holiday shopping woes, I might have scored the shoes for Fiona. They are not the color she had as first choice but they are the style she chose and Mr. Zheng in China assures me I will have them for the big day.  I did all ready talk w/ Fi about how hard the hunt was and she did say a color substitution was all right.  I actually may wind up with 2 pairs of the things in two different colors as I had written the gentleman an email asking if either of the styles were in her size.  The response was yes, they are and we will ship right away to be there in time.  I was petrified that if I said NO HALT I ONLY WANT ONE PAIR I would mess things up and wind up with none.  I would rather she had 2 pair, or that I sold one pair on ebay or anything than for my daughter not to have them.

And now. . . on to dreidls. (bet that made people's heads spin!)  We are not Jewish, obviously.  But our Unitarian Universalist faith teaches kids and adults about other major faith traditions.  A couple years ago my kids were exposed to Hannukah and the dreidl game.  They adore it.  We have to read the miracle story of Hannukah every year and play the dreidl game.  Usually we do this on the first night of Hannukah but that fell on a night that all ready had a plethora of activities going on here, so I told the kids it would be later in the week.  Tonight, KC met me at the door, tapping his toe looking annoyed. "WHEN" are we playing dreidl he wanted to know.   I guess tonight will be dreidl night.  We will sing the dreidl song, remember a story about a miracle of oil.  And I will look at the miracles that are my children.

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