Monday, December 10, 2012

"It's Nothing Serious"

Yesterday at church I was speaking with the mother of Rob's girlfriend T.  Midway through the conversation, a newcomer came over and asked me who my children were.  "I keep seeing you with children," he said bemusedly "I can't figure out which are yours and how many you have!"  No surprise since he saw me getting to church this morning and I had two extras beyond my usual tribe.  In the course of the explanation, Rob's relationship with T came up.  Actually her mom brought it up. She said they were going out and hastened to complete the sentence with "but it's nothing serious."

Hmmmm.  If she means that they are not going to get married, then no, I agree it is not serious.  LOL  But I think it is unfair to diminish our kids relationships in such a cavalier manner as I know that to them this is serious.  They have been a couple for over a year now and neither have dated anyone else in that time frame.   I think it is important to treat our kids with respect in all aspects of their lives.  So I piped up and said "Well it is serious to them.," and excused myself for a coffee refill.

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