Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nearly There!

We are nearly there!  Tonight I have to "work late" and will be going directly to a local store to get the stocking stuffers for the kids and my wife.  It is daunting as I try to keep track of who  has what in a family this size.  I am looking forward to the celebration itself, but for me a lot of the joy of the season is in the days that lead up. The lights that we drive around and see at night. The kids bringing me into our library to see what their Advent calendar window is each day.  The music that floods our house. The art.  The crafts.  The surprises being planned.

To be sure, I feel a bit frantic.  I have wrapped NOTHING!  Yup, nothing.  That starts tomorrow.  But it will get done.  I know it will. Somehow it always does. I also have cards to get out but that too, will happen. Just like in the Grinch, somehow Christmas will come just the same!

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