Monday, December 24, 2012

The best gift of all

Fiona was out today for her party and it was a huge success.  The shoes drat it, were not here yet, but I was able to use the tracking system and print it off showing where they came from and how far they are on their journey to us. (they are in the New York receiving center)  I had a picture of the style I chose for her and all that info and a note of apology and love.  She was so good about it. Thankfully the Playstation was here and she was thrilled with that and with the gifts that her brothers and sister had chosen for her.

I had planned a semi fancy luncheon for her as she likes vegetarian food and it was her birthday and I wanted it to be special.  But she said  she really really wanted my mac and cheese.  So she helped me make that, chopping hte cheese into chunks for me and stirring the sauce as I prepped the other parts of the meal. It was fun to be working in the kitchen together, just she and I.

She had a joint gift for K and I that she asked that we open tonight together as K was not home yet.  We just did a little while ago. It was three darling snowmen ornaments (I collect snowmen) and a note that said "thank you for being the mom I never had."  I still get weepy when I look at it, or write about it.

I hope tomorrow is a good day for her at her cousin's house and that we will be able to talk in the evening on the phone.

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32FlavoursOfHumanity said...

All of Fiona's growth and changes are no doubt hard work on her part and having the support of her school but I can't help but see that stable consistant love and support from you are working their magic! Wow, what an amazing gift- the gift of love filling her up enough that she can now give it back in new and more "grown up" ways. Happy Holidays to you and your crew!