Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let it snow!

It started snowing last night and continued through the day today.  I would normally have to sally forth to work but as I am on vacation I was much more laissez faire about the whole weather thing.  The roads were atrocious and I had no intention of driving in them.  KC played outside early in the day while big brothers did shovelling duty.  I can reliably say that the big boys do a bang up job in the shovelling department. They did our driveway, my parking space next door and our elderly neighbor across the street.  When they came in and had dried off and had snacks, KC and I set off for down town via foot.

I had a VERY pressing reason for doing this. The long awaited Nike high heels for Fiona had arrived yesterday afternoon.  I wound up with not one but two pairs.  One is red and white and one is gold and white.  I wanted either or but frankly a bonus pair for her is fine with me.  I wanted to get them to her as soon as possible so I wanted to priority mail them today.  That way I was confident she will get them tomorrow.  I packed the box in a tote bag and also the Christmas cards I had finally written out on Christmas eve.

It was a leisurely walk, filled with chatting and looking about at the way our world was changed by the blanket of white.  We enjoyed ourselves completely despite the biting wind and made it quickly to the post office.  The post office was nearly deserted and the fellow who waited on us was happy to take as much time as we needed for our task.  He even set KC the job of taping the box which totally thrilled my manly little 8 year old.

After setting things to mail we popped next door to Dunkin Donuts for a bite to eat.   KC got a gift card for there as well and was eager to reprise the experience of purchasing his own food.  He ordered a blueberry bagel and an orange coolata.  We hung out inside while he ate, warming up and just enjoying a chance to have conversation together.  8 year olds have interesting conversations that veer wildly from the serious and complex to the inane and the silly.  I love that about this age!

Once he was full and warm we set off back home which was  a bit harder trek as we were going both up hill and into the wind.  But it was soon accomplished and we arrived home, having had some nice exercise and time together.

The rest of the day we spent working together as a family putting away a large portion of our Christmas decor.  I have a huge snowman collection and this helps the kids not to mind so much that we are putting things away.  Also, I still have some areas of seasonal lighting, just with a snowman theme to it.  I need that to push the darkness back a bit at this time of year.

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