Thursday, December 6, 2012

Work Party

Last night I took the little kids to an indoor play arena where a fundraiser was being held to help small businesses and residents displaced by a large fire in our town.  We had a blast.  Rob wound up seeing a girl from our church Youth Group.  She greeted him immediately and he responded back with an ease that filled my heart with joy.  I remember how he used to look like a frozen figure when anyone greeted him.  For years.  It was not confined to just girls, it was anyone.  He is still quiet, but there is just a sense that he is comfortable in himself and in this time and place.  It is good.

We have also reached the time when I apparently am invisible to young women if my handsome teen son is with me.  This is the second occasion recently when we have bumped into a  young lady who knows both of us and the only one greeted (and rather um effusively!) is Rob.  LOL  Also good to see.

Today I have to bring fancy duds to work for a company holiday party that begins mid day.  I am not a party gal.  This is work in every sense of the word.  I am social, my wife will tell you I am a chatterbox.  But I like to socialize on my terms where and with whom I choose.  However, duty calls.  And off I will go with glittery nails (another thing I typically do not do!) and a party smile on my face.  New glittery shoes (that I might do anyway!!) and hope for the best.

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