Friday, January 1, 2010

Of sneezes and sleeping!

Well almost as bright as my shiny red nose from this cold I have been fighting!  I have this "blinkin beacon" of a red nose and a deathly pale face.  Such an attractive combo.  I don't really feel badly, but I am tired.  I haven't slept that well the past few nights.  I would either waken because of the congestion or I would waken because KC had rolled on top of me again.  Seriously I have to find a way to coax that child into his own bed.  I am reaching the end of my co-sleeping limits.  However I don't want to say anything to him as if I say things about being ready for a big boy bed, he freaks out and it is oh so very much worse.  I am trying something new tonight though.  Back in the late summer or early fall, I bought a special co-sleeping bolster so that when Lissa came into bed with us (which also happens often, that i would know she wouldn't fall out of bed.  Except that she has decided she likes to sleep on the OTHER side of the bed, not the side with the bolster.  So she will either fall out or not.  LOL  And hasn't so far.  Anyway, I slid the bolster to the about the mid third of the bed so that i have a roughly cot sized portion of bed just for me and KC, the little king (laughing) has about 2/3 of bed but a bolster between us.  I want to see if he will just cuddle up to the soft bolster.  I did read in the literature that came with it that many kids will do this.  If he does, I will gradually move the bolster further and further away from me and in my happy little dream world, by the time spring comes and warmth returns to our home, he will be in a twin bed all his own!

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