Monday, January 11, 2010


One of the things I marvel at with children is the sheer utter joy with which daily events and mile stones are reached.  For Lissa, it is all about the toothpaste.  The toothpaste says not to use on children under 3.  She spent from 2.5 to the day she turned 3 on 12/16 wishing for toothpaste.  The fact that she brushes at the same time KC does probably added to the cachet.  Literally the night of her birthday she started hollering for toothpaste when she got out of the tub.  Every night thereafter she reminded KC and I that she was a big girl now and used toothpaste.  Eventually KC told her that this was getting a little boring and we would remember it and she didn't need to tell us (LOL) but of course being 3, she continued. So here she is in the fuzzy pink robe that Abuelita Maria got her for Yule using the all important toothpaste! Also gives you an idea of how teeny our bathroom is.  There is barely a foot and a half between toilet and sink. But when our house was first built, they didn't even have indoor plumbing!  Really, I am not making this up.

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