Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I found Crystal!

Rob's bio-sister who was adopted by his cousin.  She is on a social network site and we made contact.  She had pics up (of course, don't all kids!!) and she looks great. So very grown up.  I showed Rob this a.m. and how he would be able to contact.  Perserverance is a good thing.  I have been working on this for what seems like years; probably is  years.  I believe the kids need this connection to each other and he was always very close to Crystal.  Whew!  I feel like I won the lottery.


Thorn said...

I'm so happy for Crystal and Rob! Good job, Lee!

FB is how my partner and her long-lost half-sis got connected again. It's a wonderful experience!

Todd said...

Good to hear. Good job! :-)))