Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wiped out Wednesday

This is one of my favorite pictures of Chet and it actually has nothing to do with my post.  It is just that it is hard to get good pictures of him, so I really treasure those that we have.  In that one moment in time in this picture, , the essence of his personality is more fully present.  There is a spark that is sometimes lost in the confusion of the way his mind interprets the world that seems so normal to the rest of us.

But I am babbling basically.  I am tired.  Work has been flat out and there isn't a lot of hope that it will ease up in the near future.  I hope to put in to take Kirsty's birthday off. (Feb 9th) It will make it more easy to help the kids with our plans but we will see how it goes. 

KC and Lissa have colds that they have shared with me.  Usually my herbs keep such cruds at bay pretty well but I suspect the fact that I am a bit rundown has allowed the cold to seep into my system and work its evil magic.  Blah.  And I didn't sleep particularly well last night as KC was mildly feverish and making weird noises in his sleep.  I admit to having fears of my kids choking and dying in their sleep.  I know it is weird and irrational but it almost happened when KC was a few weeks old and I can't shake it. So everytime he made a weird gasp in his sleep I would waken and check.  I am slightly consoled by the fact that my coworker shares this same irrational fear! At least if I am bonkers I have a friend for company.

We have also had a lot of piece work to do here at home.  This is good. The tax bill is due soon.  But it is tiring as well. However another friend lent me CD's of the first season of True Blood. She heard that I was watching Vampire Diaries and thought I would like this more.  It is good, but I actually prefer the sanitized vampires without the graphic sex on the CW!  The good thing about piece work though is I can't stare mindlessly at the screen.  I have to look at the paper i am folding so I don't have my eyes on the show during anything super graphic.  Clearly I am a weenie when it comes to graphic sex on tv.  Or am just shell shocked as I haven't had pay channels like HBO and i am really used to regular channels regulated by stiffer controls.  And yet the plot line is intriguing enough that I want to see how things resolve.  But not tonight.  Tonight I am taking more zinc and an elderberry lozenge and heading to bed.


Lisa said...

Chet is so handsome! Great pic.

True Blood was way too graphic for me but I LOVED the books. The whole Sookie Stackhouse series is a "can't put down" set.

Salt/soda baths will sometimes suck the yuck out.

Hoping you feel better soon.

P.S. Thanks for all your support. It really means so much. Yup...I am oh so human and some days I just stink at being a mom.

Dia por Dia said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Aren't little kids such great sharers? I am trying to teach mine that there are some things people don't want them to share :-)

I will attest that Lisa's suggestion for salt/soda bath is a great one! She suggested it to me last time I was sick and boy did they help (and I am not even a bath person!)

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