Friday, June 3, 2011

Homeschooling Happiness

There are days when the title of this post does not match my personal feelings.  I am typically teaching high school algebra and first grade math by 7 a.m.  That would be while I do the breakfast dishes, make Chet's lunch and get ready for work.  Yup, all about multi-tasking! LOL  Then I move on to high school English and pass KC off to K who does all his other classes.

So by May I am soooooo ready for a break.  Yup, it is the homeschool teacher who starts humming "no more teachers, no more books. . . "  Then Teach realizes that it is the last day of May which is the last day of the sale at Oak Meadow where we buy our curriculum.  Teach hurriedly confers with associate Teach and with High Schooler on electives and orders curriculum.

Because Oak Meadow ships remarkably quickly on June 1st the new curriculum arrives.  And after supper, the kids beg to open the box and see what the new school year holds.  We do, and they ooh and ah over literature options, craft supplies, new recorder music and even math. LOL And then they utter these words. . .

"When can we start?"

And that makes my heart sing. Because I always want my kids to want to learn. To love learning.

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