Thursday, June 9, 2011

R.I.P Hush!

So back when KC was 2 1/2 and needed an abcessed tooth removed and then a round of antibiotics--antibiotics he flatly refused to take--we did what all responsible parents do in such situations.  We bribed.  As in, "if you take your medicine you can get that fish you have been begging for."  He did, and Hush came home from the petstore in one of those baggies that fish live in for the big journey to their new aquarium.

Hush was a betta fish and after the first week when he was stared at daily, he sort of became a fixture on the living room shelf.  People said hi as they walked by and he just quietly lived there.  For a really long time because KC is 7 now.

Hush was fine yesterday, but today, well, Hush had moved beyond the corporeal demands of fishly life.  Unfortunately this was discoved while KC was at art class.  Lissa was pretty fascinated by the fish death and because I knew she couldn't wait to tell KC when he returned home, he got told pretty soon upon arriving.

And he is devastated.  We are making a poster of Hush and everyone is going to write on it something they remember about him and we will hang that as a memorial. But my lil man went to bed tonight crying bitter tears over the passing of his fish.

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