Friday, June 17, 2011

Stress? What stress?

Not parent stress. Not integrating the new pregnant kitty stress.  Work stress.  Next week is going to be so crazy at work. On Tuesday we have meetings with a committee from our new company individually to go over the results of our 90 day review plans and essentially decide our fates. I have never been through this before.  I have been told "not to worry" but I think that is easier said than done!

Then as though this was not enough fun for one week we are having a regulatory inspection on Thursday.  The thing that totally rots is that we HAD this inspection in January.  I passed  with flying colors.Actually my property passed but I am the key person responsible for the data that is reviewed. Our site is not due to have this inspection again. But the person who does the reviews does not want to leave the Big City in the winter and drive the 60 miles or so to our location.  Seriously.  That is the reason. 

I am not in my usual great place for this inspection due to the big changes from my old company to my new company.  Our methodology has changed and due to the technology aspect there was a huge lag in getting everything on the computer.  (this is also something that I was not responsible for doing as I had not yet been trained on the system)  Therefore data is messed up right now and the clear concise reports that reviewers want are pretty much not there.

I felt we had good grounds to refuse the request for inspection but was told that we would make them angry and to do it anyway.  When I explained that we will crash and burn, again I was told not to worry.  Sigh.  Yup that is so not working for me!

Then to further complicate things, Fiona has a school event  next Wedneday evening.  I am scheduled to take off Wed. afternoon so that we can all go into the Big City and be there.  I doubt I can take off Wed. afternoon now with the inspection Thursday so I am scrambling around to figure out how to get us there.  I will not bail on Fiona. I am iron clad on that.  It takes a medical emergency of a high level for me to not show after I have said I will.  This does not qualify. What I think I will likely do is go into the office Sunday afternoon and work for a few hours so that I can be further along in the prep we do for the reviewer and then leave just an hour early Wed instead of having the relaxing afternoon at home with the gang. 

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