Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like a Dishrag!

You know that Madonna song, "Like a Virgin?"  Well my version is like a dishrag cause that's how I feel right now!  The week from Hades is drawing to a close but even hyper little me is feeling it by now. Today Fiona's awards night gift arrived in the mail.  A day late, per my luck this week, so I have to get to the post office and mail it out asap. (it is a refurbished pink ipod) 

I had to pack up Rob for camp tonight and that meant going and getting a new battery for his carabiner watch. Except that it turned out the watch is toast but it took 30 minutes there to figure it out.

My wife is wicked sick and has shared her crud.  She is on an antibiotic.  I am not as sick as she is (yay for that Viral Immunity stuff that I take) but I am presently a very sexy baritone LOL and it probably contributes to the dishrag feeling.

I found out today that in all liklihood my wife's position at the site where I work will be eliminated with in the month. This also eliminates about 4K from our family income.  I don't want our family cost cutting measures to eliminate dance classes, or art classes or gymnastics so I have to figure something out.

I was audited at work today and it went as badly as I thought it would.  There were things my company has had me do that clearly the auditors don't want done that way. The only saving grace is that I save my email directives from people.  Not really to CYA though in this case it did that. More because I reference them back to see if I am doing the myriad of paperwork correctly. I am protected job wise but having such a poor showing bothers me greatly as in 30 yrs I have never had a bad audit. 

I am realizing that the new company I work for is not resident centered.  The kinds of services we have spent years  providing is something that is not part of their corporate agenda.  The disconnect saddens me. I think you can be an effective manager and still help people.  I think you can provide services people need and be kind.  Can you say lone voice in the wilderness?

It is raining so hard I need to build an ark. I am tired of rain.  If I liked rain I would live in Washington state.  (no offense to any possible readers from that area--it is just that I hate rain. Really. Hate. Rain.

On the plus side?  Friday looms on the horizon.  My regional boss goes on vaca next week. My kids met me at the door tonight with my slippers and ringing a triangle.  I am not quite sure WHY they were ringing a triangle but it was cute.

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