Sunday, June 26, 2011

It is Sunday.  The first full day of Rob's camping week.  My mom will see him today as she attends the UU outdoor services at this camp each weekend. Mom and Rob don't "hang" because the campers do their own thing with their counselors and sit together in worship. But they always wave at each other and Rob has always liked that gentle reminder of the family who love him.

The littles got up this morning ready to try and fill big brothers shoes. They managed to help feed the dog and the cats and eat their breakfasts in jig time. I know this will get old by Wednesday but for now they are revelling in a chance to prove they can step up and take on extra chores.

Yesterday when we returned home I decided I should clean out the bottom of Rob's closet.  My reason is that I have this sneaky feeling that somehow Valkyrie will choose that spot when it comes time to have her kittens.  There was a lot of tissue paper and outgrown clothes on the floor and I got rid of damaged clothes and tissue paper into a trash bag.  Then I was stopped a bit short.

Last year I bought myself a new tankini.  I hadn't had a new bathing suit since Chet was 15 and decided I was due.  The kids helped me pick it out and I left it in our spare bedroom to show my wife when she got home from work.  Except that when she got home all I could find was the top.  The bottoms were not there.  I tore the spare room apart and could not find them.  K wondered if I had either thrown them out accidently (a tour of the trash revealed no) or was just losing my mind.  I was sure that I must have had them in my hand and put something away in another room and accidently set them down. They would turn up, I said.  Except they didn't until yesterday.

In my son's closet with his swimwuit SI calender.  I am flattered I guess that he had them tucked in around Miss February. LOL 

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