Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fiona doesn't call

Fiona did not call us last night.  I always worry when she doesn't.  It can mean nothing.  Jane can be off campus.  She can be off site with staff.  But it can also mean she has had a behavioral challenge.  She did so well on Saturday but like many kids from trauma doing well one day, can lead to self sabotage the next. She may have bolted.  Police may have been called. She may be hospitalized.  So I always worry.

Thankfully, Jane called, later in the evening and nothing was wrong.  The educational director at the Great School was leaving and a meeting had run late.  Fiona was not available to chat (and neither were our kids at that point) but the reassurance was very much appreciated.

Jane and I talked a bit about what we might do when Fi comes here for her first visit home.  Fiona is beginning to feel anxious about this.  It has been a long time since she was here, even though she had returned home for several visits and holidays even after the disruption.  I let Jane know that the restaurant that Fiona had initially wanted us to go to this past Saturday exists in our city and that the first visit we could perhaps consider lunching there before heading back to the house.  It would enable her to eat at a place she has indicated a preference for and make the first visit home shorter while actually at home.  Of course there is also the dilemma of are we setting a precedent that we eat at a restaurant when she comes out?  So clearly nothing is settled, but it is early days and doesn't need to be.

For now, it felt good to just chat with Jane and do a little planning.

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