Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rob is at camp

Today we brought Rob to camp.  This is his first year in the highschool group but he has attended this camp for 4 prior years.  He is a veteran and it shows in the relaxed demeanor.  We got there too early for checkin.  By about 90 minutes as I read my info packet wrong. this was no great big deal. Rob immediately saw friends to catch up with, the littles wanted to explore the playground and K found a place to knit.  We played, chatted, and relaxed for an hour and a half. It passed quickly. I liked watching Rob circle from  hanging with his friends to coming back and spending time with  the kids and I. There was an increased naturalness and ease to the way he handled family relationships and friend relationships that was a great step forward.

 The camp nurse is also the same one as last year which relieves me greatly. She remembered Rob, remembered me--I suspect this has a lot to do with the rant that I went on about making sure the glaucoma drops are given ON TIME every day and less about her having a photographic memory.  We agreed on dosage times, I told her Rob has a watch with an alarm at that time and it is all good, I hope.

This year he rooms in  a new building but with a friend and he happily claimed the top bunk.  The littles have grown and matured as well.  There were no tears and wails for the ride home as there have been every.other.year.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me.  I want my kids to be tight and have each others backs but I don't want them to fall apart when circumstances necesitate time apart.   I do need to write a post about what I found when I cleaned his closet when we got home, but I'll have to s pend some time thinking about that one first!

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