Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wrapping Up a Great Birthday

 Rob and KC decided to wear fedoras worthy of Skulduggery Pleasant to his birthday shindig!
 Chet briefly did as well, though he didn't like the feel of the hat and removed it right after I snapped this picture.
Lissa and I were "fedora free".  But it was a great party. Rob had such a good time and seemed so relaxed and happy.  He made out well, with itunes gift cards from us, cash from nana, a visa gift card from his aunt and uncle.  KC got him 2 CD's of music, Lissa got him a wii game and Chet got him music as well.  I am impressed at how well my kids know what they each like.  It speaks volumes to me.

Afterwards I was trying to upload pictures to Facebook I saw that Rob's sister Krystal was on line.  So I IM'd her and she and Rob had a good long chat.  She lives in a southern state many many miles from  us and they don't get chances to connect all that often.  Then birthday calls starting coming in from his aunt, and from my mom.  He seemed really happy all day, and oddly (risking the dreaded jinx here!) we didn't seem to have much of the weird behaviors that typically precede a birthday for Rob. 

You know the behaviors i mean. The self sabotaging, regressing type of behaviors?  We have always had those from about mid May on.  This would be the first year we really didn't.  I am hoping that is a sign of another step on the road of healing.

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