Thursday, June 2, 2011

Planning to visit Fiona

Fiona called Tuesday night and we are also training into the big city to see her this Saturday.  I   had told her as soon as KC finished his dance recital we would be in so I set it up right away when that obligation was finished.  Fiona and Jane had talked about things to do. They had in mind a visit to a reservoir where there were swans and a place to play outside, a waterworks museum and then Fiona threw in that she wanted us to eat lunch at a restaurant that she said was near this. 

The problem was that Jane said eating at the restaurant would take about an hour which would mean we would have to give up one of the other things.  I know my kids don't really love the restaurant in question--there are very few vegetarian options there.  and they would much rather hang out with Fiona and play with her than sit for an hour after a train ride of more than an hour and a taxi ride. (lol) 

I also know that for Fiona eating out is just as much fun as it is for my kids. And that while we love the amazing food at the School in the Great City, that is her every day food and nothing special to her.  So I asked her if we were to have a picnic, what could I bring that she would like and that would make the meal a good one for her.

Food is always love, isn't it?  In a heartbeat my daughter went from the more adult sounding young lady that she mostly is nowadays to her younger self.

"Mommy could we have GRINDERS?"  she begged.  So somehow I am getting fixings for grinders for 6 on the train, as well as mini cupcakes to celebrate Rob's birthday with her.  Fi and Jane will bring chips and condiments and drinks.

It may be logistically challenging to pack, but I am glad to do this for her and I am also proud of her that she was able to talk something through and adjust a plan.  That is a gigantic step for her.

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