Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fiona's awards

Tonight was Fiona's award and graduation night. (she is not graduating but 6 students did) and we got there.  Traffic was a bear and we were a bit later than planned in arriving.  Things had not started yet but the students and most of the audience were all ready in the hall.  As the kids and i walked in, one of the staff recognized me and I greeted her. She said how happy she was that we had come and that Fiona thought we were not coming.  I am not sure if Fi thought this because we were a few minutes late or if it was because she was afraid she caused a rift with the less than great phone call last night. She tends to fear that anything less than positive will make people leave.  She has pretty good reasons for feeling that way, despite the fact that I have been there for 10+ years.

I think the littles were bored out of their gourds.  Sitting and listening to the kudos to the various organizations that partner to give these young people job internships and opportunities of various kinds doesn't really rock the world of a 7 year old and  a 4 year old.  LOL  However, my mantra about doing what we do because family is there for each other has taken root.  And they fuss mildly but mostly suck it up and find something good in it.  They were genuinely thrilled to see Fi and thought it was "not much of a visit" becuase we really didn't get much time together.  And by the way Fiona got 3, count em 3 awards!  Proud mama much??

K is quite ill with some weird throat and sinus thing and really needed to get home to advil and bed.  So after the 90 minutes of awards we spent a few minutes together and hugged and schmoozed and then exited stage left.  It was also impressive to me that Fiona handled that necessary exit very maturely. 

Tomorrow I have a huge inspection at work.  I hope all will go well and then Friday maybe I can just have a normal day and catch  my breath.  This has really been one of those weeks when you count on adrenaline to carry you through!

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Sunday Koffron said...

I am glad it went well, i hope tomorrow dose too!