Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Rob ready for Camp

Tomorrow morning we rise early and bring Rob to camp in another state. This is the first year he is in the high school group at this camp.  He is excited.  I think one of his friends from church might be there the same week and a young man who was in youth group with him is working on the crew this year. It is a familiar place with some familiar faces and it is a place that is emotionally safe for him. He thrives there and always comes back having made some significant strides in maturity.

This year as I packed his clothes it felt especially poignant.  I was helping him get toiletries together and this year he needs to pack a razor.  And I realized that it won't be that many years till I am packing his bags for college. Oh geez, I am not ready for that!

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Sunday Koffron said...

i am with you, this whole going to high school thing is messing with my head.