Monday, June 6, 2011

Preemies do catch up!

I have a really cute pic of KC and Fiona that I was going to put at the beginning of this post. But technology is fighting back against me tonite.  Blogger says that they are doing "maintenance" and that means the server is rejecting my pictures for the moment.  Google gave me grief about creating a doc of the minutes for the church committee I serve on and I had to fight with that to get it to go through. And I borrowed Salt from the library and can't make the sound play, only the picture. Clearly the planets are in some manner of unhappy alignment at the moment.

On the plus side--the migraine that came to live with me on Saturday and stayed through Sunday is mostly gone today.  It left that memory pain--the soreness that reminds you of what was there and now isn't.  Probably I wouldn't even have that if I had not had so much eye strain at work today, but such is life.

The great news, is that KC and Rob had their yearly physicals today.  Rob was fine and is 5 ft 5 inches and 125 pounds.  KC is 48 pounds which is pretty huge for him and I forget his height. BUT his height allowed him to just skate into the "normal" growth range. 

This is so cool because he has always been my wee elf, somewhat petite of stature and somewhat more delicate than his siblings.  I remember my MD saying that preemies do catch up, but it was hard to believe when at 3 months old the newborn stuff was just starting to fit decently!

edited to add very cute pic one day later!

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