Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Lazy days of summer?  um, not so much!
I was thinking about our summer plans last night while I waited for the Bruins to finish their abysmal hockey game.  And I realized with a start that summer is not a kick back and relax kind of time.  For instance, here is my Saturday:

shopping-bank-library-birthday party from 1 to 3 in a fairly far away city-city fireworks at night if the weather holds

Sunday--church--church picnic--My mom and her gentleman companion come about 2--Rob's piano recital--Rob's parent/teen meeting for a missioin project--Rob's youth group
June 22nd Fiona has an awards night at the Great School in the Big City
The last weekend in June I have to take Rob to another state for his week of away camp on Saturday. That will take most of the day as it is 2 1/2 hours each way plus the ckin and such.

The weekend after that I repeate the trip to pick him up.
July 4th we have the kids godparents over for a BBQ
July 8-10 I take 3 of the kids camping to a birthday camping weekend that our friends are doing for their daughter.  We will do Storyland and Santas Village that weekend. July 10th Chet has been asked to help with the service at church and I am trying to convince K to take him as I will not be here.
July 30th KC is having his luau and many small children will invade our back  yard.
In August we host my wife's side of the family for a BBQ
August 20th the kids are invited to a pool party birthday party.
Labor Day weekend we camp from Thursday through Labor Day at our fave camping site.

There are a few weekends open but so many things I WANT to do with the kids.  Berry picking, canning I want to take them to a drive in movie. I want to climb a mountain with them. I want to do a picnic supper in the park.

And there are house repairs. . . sheesh there are house repairs!  We have to repair our deck. We have pruning in the yard.  We have trim to paint.  I need to shampoo the living room rug.

Sigh.  So many dreams and not so many days!!! LOL

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